In the XXI century leisure and vocabulary of the planet's inhabitants were greatly diversified. After the emergence of new ways of communication, the term «chatbot» was invented, the meaning of which won't be superfluous to know..

Greetings, friends! We are on the verge of great achievements.

So let's see what is a chatbot for messenger is.

If you don't want to find out technical details, a chatbot is a kind of site, but with an extremely simple in-terface. Chat rooms are created to in-stant messengers, in particular, Face-book Messenger, Telegram, Facebook and Viber. WhatsApp will introduce its bot in the near future.

The main advantage of a chat-bot in comparison with a standard website is its orientation to smartphones and laptops. It doesn't have to adapt to the expansion of the screen. No designer is required to cre-ate an attractive interface. Regardless of the screen resolution, the chatbot will work perfectly correctly.

Every day millions of people use messengers. And this figure is only growing. In most cases, people send appropriate messages via a chatbot to get information and answer their questions. The popularity of such ser-vices is steadily increasing. Chatbot is an opportunity to communicate with clients, answer questions. They are de-signed for whom don't like to "surf" the Internet in search of the necessary information.

With the help of the bot, you can collect and analyze orders in the online store, provide access to the catalog sections, images of products and services, answer questions about the characteristics of the goods or de-livery times. All this is done through the selected messenger.

As soon as the user begins to work with a chatbot, write a message, it will automatically be transferred to the lists of its subscribers. And further cooperation is based on the classical scheme of e-mail marketing. Subscriber notifications are sent about holding the stock, the updating of assortment. He is offered bonuses, participation in special promotions. The main goal is to bring to the purchase of a particular product or service.

The main advantage of our bot is that in the near future will earn a basket for ordering and making payment.

All analysts and businessmen say that in a few years will be the only advertising channel is advertising in messengers.

If you have a chatbot it means you are in your client's pocket!

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