Did you read the article about chatbots, in which on available and obviously language for the ordinary people is told what it is and why they are needed? If you didn't, I suggest you to get acquainted with it.

This article briefly describes 2 ways to use chatbots in business.

Users of your site start a dialog via chat using the widget that is installed on the site. They automatically become users of your bot and subscribers in social networks. Bot remains in their contact list.

Five reasons to have a bot:
1 Chep leadgeneration
2 Increasing website conversion
3 Automation funnel sales
4 Ability to stay with the user
5 Reduction resale costs

To solve these problems with the help of a bot, there are auto-funnels for infobusiness, goods and services. For example, I attaching auto-funnel for infobusiness (in Russian).

It is necessary to determine the niche / segment of the market which the company operates, choose a product for auto-funnel, determine the target audience and its problems. Next works out the product chain (offers) and choose the right content for working with objections and warming up a cold audience.

Thus, a chatbot widget on your site can be viewed as a replacement for targeted ads on VKontakte and Facebook. On Facebook, you can advertise not only the site, but also the instant messenger, and this advertising is cheaper.

With the help of chatbots you can organize business processes. A simple example how optimized phone repair business process (in Russian). In the diagram there is a call center operator and two specialists in different phone models.

As a result of the optimization the role of the operator is replaced by the bot and the operators salary is saved. The user enters the necessary information into the bot, the specialist receives it and checks it. Also the specialist saves the time that he looks at the information but does not listen.

The business process is reduced to 3 steps: unnecessary steps are removed, the risk of error is reduced, unnecessary roles are removed.

Regarding chatbots, the following sequence of steps is applicable in practice: 1 Invented --> 2 Made --> 3 Learned --> 4 Applied --> 1…. This is a process of continuous improvement.

The bot's goal is process optimization. The bot can not only optimize the process, but also initiate it.

Order the bot now and get an increase in sales after 24 hours.
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