Creation of a chat bot in Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Viber, VKontakte with benefits for your business.

Your business needs a chatbot today!


Rates for development of bots:

I consider the transition to undeveloped platforms is a weak position. So I suggest you to stay in the Telegram than just fold your hands.

I offer a 100% discount on development (only with a subscription fee)


Development of the bot to type:

Additional bot in another messenger:

Mailings connection:

Subscription fee:

30 EUR

Monthly fee with a mailing:

50 EUR

The subscription fee includes: maintenance of the system in working condi-tion, introduction of new functions ...

on two accounts and indicating the developer of the bot within 149 days.

If you have a chatbot, you are already in your client's pocket!

from 50 EUR

60 EUR

from 300 EUR

Briefly, the chatbot is an analogue of the site, but its interface is more concise and designed for messengers, otherwise, a service for communicating with customers who aren't ready to wait for an answer and don't like to look for information on their own. The main advantage of a chatbot in comparison with a standard website is its orientation to smartphones and laptops.
Read more about bots in my article or watch the presentation below.

On this page you can see widgets with chatbots that can be on your site and expect interaction with visitors. Write a "call", offer free content download, get advice, give a discount on a product or service and the result in the form of "live" subscribers and future buyers in social networks will not take long to wait.

There are widgets for each social network separately or one widget for everything.

Let's try to chat with my bots. For quick interaction, enter "0" (numeral 0). Do not forget to unsubscribe. To do this send a message "unsubscribe" or "88" (without quotes).

Read more in another article which I briefly talk about 2 ways to use chatbots in business.

Create your first chatbots in Telegram and Viber.

Sample scheme, which can be imple-mented in bots.

My bot in Viber

My bot is here: Sergej Official bot. To open a chatbot on your computer, you must have Viber installed or scan the QR code below with a mobile application or in the search box enter the name Sergej Official bot of the public account.
Бот в Viber
My name is Sergey Toporkov. I have been looking for a decent and profitable job on the Internet for several years. During this time, I tried myself in many ways (for example, on partner programs), but earned pennies.

But in March 2019 I passed an awesome training on assembling chatbots on the most functional de-signer in Runet (or even around the world) chatbots Chatforma and will be happy to do them for you..

My teachers are Eugene Rod-chenkov and Anton Goncharov. Evgeny Khodchenkov is a successful entrepreneur and business coach, real specialist in creating a profitable busi-ness, advertising, author of non-standard techniques, co-founder of AppGlobal, which develops marketing mobile applications.

Evgeny is a specialist in launch-ing promising projects in those niches with zero competition. First of all, there are mobile applications and technologies. And Anton Goncharov is the largest specialist in the develop-ment of chatbots, certified partner of Chatforma designer.

You can familiarize yourself with blocks of Chatforma, just push on the site the blue button at the top of the page on the right "CREATE a BOT" to register and start a fascinating creation of bots today. Why did I decide to introduce you to this service? Because it's cool and I'm sure there's enough work for everyone.
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